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Financial History.

Monetary Economics.

My great passion in life is financial history and monetary economics. I love all things banking and get excited about stock prices and centuries-old balance sheets.
I often venture into other interesting field and social commentary, and my writing  comes with a distinct touch of slyness and delusions of grandeur. Enjoy!

Bylines on American Institute for Economic Research, Notes on Liberty and
Writings featured in the Financial Times, ZeroHedge, CapX, The Property Chronicle and more.

“The simplest explanation of the significance of Bills of Exchange”
- Judy Stephenson, Lecturer at University College London

“Hugely impressed by Joakim’s knowledge of economic and financial history”

- Prof. Edward Stringham, American Institute for Economic Research

“Really excellent understanding of currency and banking school debates”

- Dr. Duncan Ross, University of Glasgow

“Loved your Darcy piece”

- Dr. Hollis Robbins, Sonoma State University

“Big fan of your writing style. Excellent mix of both personality and clarity

- Tho Bishop, Mises Institute

What services do I offer?

- professional copyediting and proofreading
- tutoring
- research assistance and professional writing
in all areas economics and social science, with a speciality in Financial History.

If you have a project suited to my skills, I'm happy to collaborate. Do drop me a line or hit me up on Fiverr or UpWork.

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